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Mission– The missions assigned to the TRB are the following:

  • Ensure the implementation of the legal and regulatory texts in Telecommunications and Communications Information Technologies;
  • Ensure that access to open networks by the general public is carried out in objective, transparent and non discriminatory conditions;
  • Ensure safe and legal competition in the Telecommunications sector and Communications Information Technologies;
  • sanction any breach of obligations by operators as well as non-competitive practices;
  • Establish the principles regulating the pricing of supplied services;
  • Inform on the license applications and prepare the relating decisions;
  • Formally issue receipts of declaration;
  • Define the conditions and obligations of interconnection and the sharing of infrastructure;
  • Put forward an opinion on all legal and regulatory draft texts in electronic communications;
  • Ensure allocation and control of the frequency spectrum;
  • Prepare the call to tender files for concessions and licenses;
  • Develop and manage the numbering plan;
  • Submit to the government; any proposal and recommendation that could develop and modernise the Telecommunications and Communications and Information Technologies sector;
  • Allocateaddressingresources;
  • Inform on terminal equipments certification applications and prepare the related decisions ;
  •  Issue accreditations;
  • Carry out any other mission of general interest entrusted by the Government in the Telecommunications and Communications and Information Technologies sector;
  • Guarantee consumer protection;

Source : Law no 2010/013 of 21 December 2010 governing telecommunications in Cameroon.

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