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Consumer protection

Consumers, in their dealings with operators, are entitled to a subscription contract, the model of which is previously validated by the Agency.

The consumer of electronic communications services shall, in particular,

  • access to electronic communications services, with standards of quality and regularity inherent in its nature, throughout the national territory;
  • the freedom of choice of its service provider;
  • non-discrimination in terms of access and conditions of use of the service;
  • adequate information concerning the conditions of supply of the services, tariffs and other related costs;
  • the inviolability and secrecy of its communications, except under conditions that are legally and legally applicable;
  • his request for non-disclosure of his access identifier;
  •  the non-suspension of the service provided, except for non-compliance with the terms of its contract;
  • preliminary information on the suspension clauses of the contract;
  • referral to the Agency and consumer protection agencies, complaints against the service provider;
  • the service provider’s complaints;
  • compensation for damages resulting from the violation of his rights,

The consumer of electronic communications services shall:

To use adequately the electronic communications services, equipment and networks made available to it;
To respect public property;
To notify the competent authorities of irregularities and illegal acts committed by the providers of electronic communications services.
The operators shall take all measures relating in particular to the protection of privacy, security, information on quality of service, tariffs and costs of electronic communications.


Transaction tarification by mobile money for 3rd quarter 2017

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